Why We’re Building HubSpot’s Next Big Product in Dublin

When we opened a HubSpot office in Dublin five years ago, there were no plans of starting a product team. We were going to invest in sales, marketing, and customer service to grow our customer base and community in Europe, not in software development.


The Product Management Skill Stack

In college, my Information Systems professor told my class about a career path that sounded perfect. It involved working with technology, making strategic business decisions, problem-solving, collaborating across teams, and a whole lot of responsibility. It was a position that seemed so general in scope that any smart, willing person (that was me!) could do it. As it turns out, I wasn’t alone in feeling that way about a job in product management - and now it seems like everyone these days is thinking about starting a career as a product manager.


On Killing It by Killing Features

There’s a lot less written about killing features than about building them. That’s because building features is fun. It’s easy. It’s exciting. You get to go out into the world and say, “Behold! Here’s the feature that will solve all your problems, forever.” And if there’s one thing customers love, it’s having all their problems solved, forever.


Gatekeepers and Gardeners

Balance is an integral part of every job. We have to balance our priorities at work and our lives outside of work. We need to balance the time we spend building with the time we spend maintaining. We need to balance the needs of our teams with the varied needs of the rest of the organization. And that’s just the start of it.

Never does this become more apparent than for new tech leads - we see it all the time at HubSpot. When they step into the role, they usually find themselves with new (sometimes competing) priorities. I often hear that they're not sure if they're spending their time as well as they could. And when new tech leads lack balance, they might end up losing sight of what success for themselves and their teams should look like.


Planning a tech meetup? Here are some helpful tips

ReactJS Dublin is a quarterly meetup that I, along with a few other dedicated HubSpotters, run. We’ve been running it for almost two years - since November of 2015. In that time it’s grown from roughly 30 attendees sitting in a rented hotel room to 150 React enthusiasts at our most recent meetup, which booked out in fewer than nine hours. We have over 1,200 ‘Reactors’ at the time of writing and we’ve hosted twenty talks.


Quick Guide: How to put Invisible reCaptcha on your website

Google recently released a new way to prevent spam: the invisible reCaptcha. The HubSpot product team is introducing this new tool on all forms in our product soon, because it'll help customers generate more legitimate leads. Want to give it a try? You only need a few steps to add invisible reCaptcha to your website.


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