Introducing HubSpot Custom Objects

Data is the engine of a business. The vast majority of businesses invest significant energy in ensuring their data can be used to its fullest potential to provide value. No two businesses are alike though, especially as your business grows and complexity increases to meet the needs of customers. For those businesses who have grown to that level of complexity, many of them with HubSpot as their primary source of data, they need a customizable solution.


Three Key Ingredients to Make Your Business Experiments Better

Experimentation can be scary for business teams. That is why a lot of business experiments end up being multi-year projects that are followed by very heavy change management processes. While that can give a sense of security and risk mitigation, it makes it very hard to predict,, measure, and control the success of the changes.


Name Dropping: Kathleen Mitford, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP at PTC

Name Dropping is a Q&A series that aims to elevate the stories of women and nonbinary people leading in the tech space. The idea came from Angela DeFranco, a VP of Product at HubSpot, who said one way to be better allies is to name drop more women and nonbinary people in discussions of achievement, inspiration, and disruptors in tech, instead of referencing, time and again, the same set of (often male) leaders.


Why We Built Our New CMS on a File-Centric System Instead of a Database-Centric One

Earlier this year, HubSpot announced the launch of our new CMS Hub, an integrated, deeply powerful, and easy-to-use content management system. The goal going into creating this product line was deceptively simple: give marketers the ease of use they want, and developers the tools they needed to make a powerful web experience.


How to Implement Inclusive Recruiting Practices to Build a More Diverse Team

This article pairs with the latest episode of the HubSpot podcast Culture Happens, featuring HubSpot Campus Recruiting Manager Colleen Grant, VP of Engineering Jared Williams, and Engineering Lead Zoe Sobin.

Hiring a diverse team is critical to building good software. The advantages of diversity apply to all teams, of course, but when you’re building software, having diverse perspectives in the room leads to a stronger product. Your customers aren’t homogenous, so why would your team be? More importantly, building a diverse team is simply the right thing to do. 


My Father’s Accident Brought Accessibility Into Focus

Have you ever gotten the call? 

You know, the call that heralds a seismic shift in the life of someone you love, or even yourself. Last year, I received the call from my panicked mother, and she told me that my father had gotten into a serious bicycle accident, and because of the severe spinal cord injury (SCI) he sustained, had lost the use of his arms and his legs. 

My father had become quadriplegic. 


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