At HubSpot, we're all in on hybrid. But that means something different to us than most other companies. To us, hybrid means that every HubSpotter can choose how and where they want to work, whether that's fully remote (we call that @home), in the office everyday (@office) or a mix of both (@flex). We don't require anyone to come into an office, giving that time back to support a work/life balance that works for you. 

In 2024, nearly 70% of HubSpotters chose the @home option, and will work fully remotely. So, we wanted to hear from some members of our Product & Engineering community about the realities of working remotely at HubSpot, how they stay connected to each other and how they collaborate to solve hard problems for our customers. Hear what they had to say below!

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What does connection look like working remotely, with your team?

Question 1a

Question 1b

Question 1c

How do you collaborate cross-functionally working at home? What's working and what's difficult?

Question 2a

Question 2b

Question 2cWhat does work/life balance look like for you?

Question 3a

Question 3b

Question 3c

What is something HubSpot does that makes your job easier while working remotely?

Question 4aQuestion 4b

Question 4c


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