June 23rd marks International Women in Engineering Day and to celebrate, we wanted to learn from some of our female HubSpot engineers about their career journeys and advice they'd give to women interested in joining the field. Check out their responses below!

For you, what is the most fulfilling or exciting part about being an engineer?

Question 1 - Brittany Crosthwait-1

Question 1 - Ashley Ramsey-1

Question 1 - Christine Pinho-1

Question 1 - Brittany Johnson-1

Question 1 - Tiffany Plewtong-1

Question 1 - Emily Adams-1

What are your hopes for the future generation of female engineers?

Question 2 - Brittany Crosthwait-1Question 2 - Ashley Ramsey-1Question 2 - Christine Pinho-1Question 2 - Brittany Johnson-1Question 2 - Tiffany Plewtong-1Question 2 - Emily Adams-1

What’s one piece of advice you’d give a young woman interested in an engineering career?

Question 3 - Brittany Crosthwait-1Question 3 - Ashley Ramsey-1Question 3 - Brittany Johnson-1Question 3 - Tiffany Plewtong-1

Question 3 - Emily Adams-1

We've got exciting things on the horizon, and we're hiring - check out our Careers Page for your next opportunity! And for a behind-the-scenes look at our culture, visit our Careers Blog or follow us on Instagram @HubSpotLife.

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