It's time for INBOUND, the premier conference that brings together business, marketing, and sales leaders to network, learn, and grow. This year, HubSpot is excited to bring an all-star lineup of industry-spanning icons, marketing and sales leaders, wellness experts, and acclaimed authors to INBOUND’s biggest stage.

One of the most important - and popular - parts of INBOUND are the Spotlight sessions from HubSpot, highlighting product announcements and the future state of the company, and the industry on the whole. This year, Andy Pitre, HubSpot's EVP of Product, announced some incredible product updates and we asked members of our Product & Engineering community to weigh in. Hear what they had to say below!

(Did you miss this week's announcements? Check them out here.)


What excites you most about HubSpot's product announcements at this year's INBOUND?

Quote from Callie de Roussan, Principal Product Designer: "One of the things that makes HubSpot powerful is our unified, extensible CRM layer and our ability to translate these flexible frameworks into comprehensive features that help our customers more efficiently and effectively use our product.  This year, we've leaned into these super powers with new features like the Prospecting workspace, which offers our sales users a centralized experience where they can leverage all the tools and data they need to do their jobs without ever having to switch apps."

Quote from Anthony Shenoda, Sr. UX Research II at HubSpot: "Product announcements at this year's INBOUND will highlight just how dynamic, innovative, and robust HubSpot is becoming. While striving to maintain simplicity of use, teams across HubSpot have been hard at work to create products that will make HubSpot an even more powerful CRM. It's been really exciting to see so much of this work take shape."

Quote from Lara Tacito, Sr. Director of UX at HubSpot: "I am incredibly excited about the product announcements we're making this year for our Sales Hub product. We're finding ways to help Sales professionals meaningfully connect with their prospective customers while using their time most efficiently. We're defining what it means to "sell better" through our product experience."

Quote from Sejal Parikh, Sr. Product Manager at HubSpot: "What truly excites me about this year's INBOUND announcements is the game changing progress we've made in CRM extensibility and customization. We've just rolled out our public beta for CRM development tools for developers to build UI extensions. It marries robust extensibility with an incredibly seamless developer experience. It paves the way for businesses to build crafted experiences that are uniquely tailored to their needs. The future of CRM extensibility is here, and it's exciting!"

How do you think the new products and upgrades announced at this year's INBOUND will impact our overall product and the market?

Quote from Eric Richard, SVP Engineering & CISO at HubSpot: "The Sales Hub launch is going to really help us focus on solving for sales people and making them more successful in their jobs."

Quote from Laura Jakobschuk, Content Designer at HubSpot: "Our new prospecting products are going to help salespeople work faster, get higher quality data, have lower integration costs and get more relevant, personalized experiences."

Quote from Chris Lee, Director of Engineering at HubSpot: "We've been on an multi-year arc bringing more customization and extension to HubSpot. The last couple of years have focused on data model extensibility, and we've started to turn the corner into UI customization. This means HubSpot admins can design an experience so their users can access the data they need quickly and efficiently.   So far the customer feedback has been phenomenal, and it starts to shake the idea that HubSpot can't be customized to your business needs. UI customization can be made quickly in the HubSpot Admin UI in just a few clicks. And when you need a really custom functionality for your business, we have a tight integration with the React UI Extension tooling."

Quote from Manoj Sivakumar, SVP of Engineering at HubSpot: "I believe that we will truly help democratize AI for our customers and help them drive growth by being both more efficient and effective."

What should our customers and partners look forward to seeing more of from HubSpot post-INBOUND?

Quote from Callie de Roussan, Principal Product Designer at HubSpot: "We're doubling down on the things that make HubSpot truly great—continuing to invest heavily in both our extensible, flexible and smart CRM data layer—and in building opinionated features on top of that layer that supercharge not only how our customers complete day-to-day tasks, but how effectively they achieve broader goals.   Look forward to seeing more and more opinionated features that help you get started fast, and as your processes evolve, give you the flexibility to "open the hood," tapping into that universal data layer, to customize and extend HubSpot to meet your needs."

Quote from Chris Lee, Director of Engineering at HubSpot: "We're just getting started with UI Customization and we're excited to get feedback from customers and partners, including components and visualizations they'd love to have. We ultimately want our admins to feel that they can create a UI that looks like it was custom designed for their users, including UI/UX polish that really make the experience great for their end users.  Into the future, we're certainly looking to bring this level of customization and extensibility to other Hubs, and expanding the different extension points like custom sidepanels. As an engineer, it's really fun to think about how we can make creating CRM or CRM-related applications really easy in HubSpot."

Quote from Lara Tacito, Sr. Director of UX at HubSpot: "This is just the beginning of our journey to making the selling experience in HubSpot efficient, connected, and smart. We want to focus on helping the entire sales team win and drive more business for their company"

Quote from Zoe Sobin, Senior Engineering Manager at HubSpot: "As always, our customers and partners should look forward to seeing even more improvements to our products! Their needs are always evolving, so we're always on our toes and trying our best to get ahead. We're already excited about INBOUND 2024!"

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