2023 was an incredible year of growth for us at HubSpot directly driven by our Product and Engineering teams who tackled hard problems that helped our customers grow better. Some of our HubSpotters shared impactful case studies, impressive growth stories and insights to highlight their work and just what it means to work at HubSpot on our Product Blog. We've gathered some of our most popular blogs of 2023 below in case you missed them, and stayed tuned this year for more behind-the-scenes content from our Product and Engineering teams!

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LearningWhat Does Continuous Learning Look Like in Product & Engineering?

At HubSpot, we believe that learning and sharpening our craft is part of growth. We're serious about it and our culture is shaped by it. Below, hear from Anthony Roldan, Sr. Director of Engineering, about a few traditions and rituals which epitomize our culture of continuous learning in Product & Engineering at HubSpot.


ProductBlog_Cover Images (13)Saving Millions on Logging: Finding Relevant Savings

In tech companies, Cost of Goods Sold is a key business metric driven in large part by the efficiency of software architectures. Saving money always sounds like a great idea, but it is not always a priority over features and growth, nor is it straightforward. At HubSpot, our relatively new Backend Performance team is tasked with improving the runtime and cost performance of our backend software. In this two-part blog series, Rich Marscher, Staff Software Engineer, walks us through a structured method we use for approaching cost savings work and demonstrating how we apply it at HubSpot to save millions on the storage costs of our application logs.


Upgrading Vitess (1)How HubSpot Upgraded a Thousand MySQL Clusters at Once

HubSpot runs over a thousand MySQL clusters in each environment, and we were faced with the daunting task of upgrading all of these in a safe, automated manner. We jumped 9 major versions of Vitess, the clustering software we use for MySQL, along the way developing reusable testing tooling and automation to make all future upgrades significantly easier. This time around our upgrade journey took a year, but our estimate for the next upgrade is only a quarter, given all that we have learned and developed. Read on to learn more from Data Infra Staff Engineer Olga Shestopalova about our recent upgrade.


First 6 Months (2)Embracing Flexibility and Empowering Customers: Reflections on My First 6 Months as a HubSpot Engineer

For an engineer interested in solving customer problems, the transition from a small company to working at HubSpot is not as difficult as you may think. Meet Joey Blake, Senior Software Engineer - Joey shares how he was able to dive in, ship products and solve for the customer in his first 6 months at HubSpot.


Untitled design (43)-May-15-2023-04-17-22-2097-PMProduct & Engineering Roundtable: HubSpot's INBOUND Product Announcements

This year's INBOUND conference brought an all-star lineup of industry-spanning icons, marketing and sales leaders, wellness experts, and acclaimed authors to INBOUND’s biggest stage. One of the most important - and popular - parts of INBOUND are the Spotlight sessions from HubSpot, highlighting product announcements and the future state of the company, and the industry on the whole. This year, Andy Pitre, HubSpot's EVP of Product, announced some incredible product updates and we asked members of our Product & Engineering community to weigh in. 


Kafka SwimlanesHandling Imbalanced Traffic with Kafka Swimlanes

The Workflows engine at HubSpot has to handle traffic from millions of workflows every day. Huge traffic spikes and slow response times from our dependencies are a fact of life. In this post, Angus Gibbs, Engineering Lead, gives us a look at how we use Kafka swimlanes to keep Workflows fast and reliable.

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