The Infrastructure Engineering team solves fundamental systems engineering problems at HubSpot once, definitively, for the entire engineering organization.

Whether it's a reliable queueing system, ergonomic runtime infrastructure, or rich log analytics pipelines, the core building blocks of HubSpot's software products reflect the kinds of common problems that each individual Product Engineering team would typically need to solve on its own.

On the Infrastructure Engineering team, we treat those Product Engineers as our customers. This means we maintain a tight feedback loop as we identify core problems, design solutions, ship them as internal products, and continue to iterate on them to build a world-class software engineering organization at HubSpot.

In this video, I chat with Sid Palas of DevOps Directive about the ins and outs of working on HubSpot's Infrastructure Engineering team, from our microservice architecture to our approach to hiring.

Interested in working with a team that's just as invested in how you work as what you're working on? Check out these open positions and apply:

Sr. Software Engineer, Chaos

Sr. Software Engineer, SRE

Sr. Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure

Sr. Software Engineer, Infrastructure Orchestration

Sr. Frontend Platform Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer, Platform (Remote Ireland)

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