Some of the best perspectives on HubSpot's product come from those who use it every day. In this interview series, we profile HubSpot partners, providers, and customers, and ask their thoughts on what our product team should keep in mind while solving for them, and where the future of the industry lies.

In this installment, we chat with Su Sanni, president of technology solutions at Allegiance Fundraising Group and founder of mobile transit company Dollaride.

How did you first come to work with HubSpot's products?

My introduction to HubSpot's products was through WeDidIt, my first tech startup, which was acquired by Allegiance Fundraising. I believe the 500 Startups accelerator program introduced us to HubSpot and we took advantage of the discount pricing provided to early-stage companies. That was back in 2014, and I've been a customer ever since.

What's the best piece of wisdom you've gained so far from being a founder?

Always try to hire and work with people who are better/smarter/more talented/experienced than you are. Working with great cofounders and teammates will make your job much easier, and you'll always be inspired to step up your game.

On LinkedIn, you've listed yourself as a "Social Entrepreneur." What does that title mean to you?

I describe myself as a social entrepreneur because I tend to gravitate toward businesses that address social problems. I'm most interested in working on solutions that positively impact people's lives, so I often find myself engaged and most passionate about solving problems that can affect millions or billons of people.
Can you tell readers a bit about the mission behind Dollaride and what they can do to get involved?
Dollaride's mission is to make public transportation accessible to everyone, everywhere. 4.5 million people live in transit deserts across the country. So we're focused on first creating more transit equity for those folks, who live in 52 of America's most transit-starved cities. We've found a unique way to do this by leveraging the shadow network of commercial dollar van or jitney drivers that operate in each city. To get involved, send us a message through our website at or find us on Twitter (@dollaride).
In your opinion, what's the most important thing for HubSpot's product team to keep in mind when solving for customers today?
The most important thing to keep in mind is that marketers and salespeople often have too many tasks to do in not enough time. The more time HubSpot can save a customer through product features and services, the more valuable and integral HubSpot will be in the customer's daily workflow.
What's the biggest challenge your team (either one!) is facing right now?
Updating our business model(s) to be more resilient given the impacts of the pandemic on the economy and our marketplace.
What's one small thing that makes a difference when it comes to choosing what kind of marketing software you use?
Integrations into other products that we use.
What about one big thing?
What do you want to see more B2B software companies focusing on in 2021?
Growing the digital economy by bringing more cash-only businesses online and creating more digital offerings/solutions.
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