How HubSpot Delivers Email Templates to 900K+ Accounts

Back in July, HubSpot released free email marketing tools on top of our already free CRM. As part of these email tools, every portal gets 20 beautiful templates that our Content Design Assets and Email teams designed. These templates can be customized with your content in the drag and drop editor before sending them out.


Avoid Design Debt with Design Review and QA

Consistency and quality are central to a good user experience. But despite your — or your product team’s — best intentions, inconsistencies and unintended consequences will inevitably crop up. And if you're not careful, you'll end up with a poor user experience and a lot of design debt. We all know it takes a lot longer to dig yourself out of debt than it does to avoid it in the first place, so we try to avoid design debt from the start by explicitly including design review and design QA in our process.


Speeding up Deep Clustering with Concrete GMVAEs

The AI team at HubSpot recently published a new paper which we presented at the DeCoDeML workshop at the European Conference on Machine Learning 2019. In this blog post we provide some details on the paper and how it is useful for marketing, sales, and customer service organizations in particular. Our paper makes it practical to apply deep learning tools to a common marketing problem: clustering of datasets.


The Four Minds of a Product General Manager

Two years ago HubSpot made the decision to create General Manager roles that would be accountable for each of our three product lines (Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub).  The rationale was quite simple: it turns out we didn’t have a single DRI for an individual Hub, how it could and should be growing, how it competed in the market, etc. I was lucky enough to be the first external GM brought in (the other GM roles were filled by a few well-deserving internal superstars). Now that we are looking to expand the product portfolio, I wanted to shed some light on what it’s like to be a Product GM, both at HubSpot and beyond.  


Approaching Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring as A Design Problem

It’s no secret that much of the tech industry has struggled to build diverse organizations and teams. HubSpot, with more than 3,000 employees, has faced this same challenge. But instead of throwing up our hands and saying Well, that’s just how things are, our UX team decided to treat the problem like any customer problem--only this time, we were solving for ourselves. We decided to apply our design thinking methods and approach the challenge in a user-centered way. We set out to use the data-driven approach ingrained in our Culture Code to identify holes in our recruiting, hiring, and retention practices, and layer qualitative research on top.


I Ran My First UX Workshop and Survived (and So Can You)

Earlier this year, I ran my first workshop with my product team at HubSpot. The goal was to uncover themes and questions they had — and there were quite a few — around improving users’ experience navigating and finding correct tools. The project was a big one that affected navigation, the interaction flows across tools, and how users interact with the tool.


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