Building a Platform Internal Teams Love to Use

I work on the reporting team at HubSpot, and have for some years. And things have definitely evolved on the product during that time. New team members have come and gone, new organizational developments and projects have kept us on our toes. But the biggest and most powerful change has been our transformation into a true platform team that creates things that can effectively scale all over the product. It wasn’t always this way.


Content Testing Your Way to Happier Users

As one of the newest and least-understood UX disciplines, content design is sometimes considered an afterthought, a luxury. The commonly held assumption is that nobody actually reads any of the words on the screen, so why bother? This assumption isn’t necessarily entirely false. In fact, Nielsen Norman Group estimates that people probably read only 20-28% of the words on any given webpage.


Name Dropping: Fidelma Russo, CTO & EVP, Iron Mountain

Name Dropping is a Q&A series that aims to elevate the stories of women leading in the tech space. The idea came from Angela DeFranco, a Director of Product at HubSpot, who said one way to be better allies is to name drop more women in discussions of achievement, inspiration, and disruptors in tech, instead of referencing, time and again, the same set of (often male) leaders.


How HubSpot Delivers Email Templates to 900K+ Accounts

Back in July, HubSpot released free email marketing tools on top of our already free CRM. As part of these email tools, every portal gets 20 beautiful templates that our Content Design Assets and Email teams designed. These templates can be customized with your content in the drag and drop editor before sending them out.


Avoid Design Debt with Design Review and QA

Consistency and quality are central to a good user experience. But despite your — or your product team’s — best intentions, inconsistencies and unintended consequences will inevitably crop up. And if you're not careful, you'll end up with a poor user experience and a lot of design debt. We all know it takes a lot longer to dig yourself out of debt than it does to avoid it in the first place, so we try to avoid design debt from the start by explicitly including design review and design QA in our process.


Speeding up Deep Clustering with Concrete GMVAEs

The AI team at HubSpot recently published a new paper which we presented at the DeCoDeML workshop at the European Conference on Machine Learning 2019. In this blog post we provide some details on the paper and how it is useful for marketing, sales, and customer service organizations in particular. Our paper makes it practical to apply deep learning tools to a common marketing problem: clustering of datasets.


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