What does a Product Manager do at HubSpot

I recently published a post on our internal wiki describing the product management role at HubSpot. A good number of folks suggested that this would be great discussion for our external audiences as well, so here you go.

What exactly does a HubSpot product manager do? This should be an easy enough question to answer, but in reality it's a bit more complex to describe than one might think. Part of the problem is that the product manager position is different in every company. There really is no one-size-fits-all way to go about the job, and that’s as it should be. Good product companies build engineering and product organizations that match their own unique cadence, customer needs, trajectory, market, and opportunity (among other things). And as your business grows and changes, so should your product team.

We at HubSpot continue to evolve our product organization as circumstances change, but there are a few things that we hold fast to because we believe they set us up for success. A big part of that is the role played by the product manager. But in order to understand the product management role at HubSpot, it’s important to start by understanding the technical team structure as a whole.


4 Mistakes New Product Managers Make

Starting out as a product manager, you constantly oscillate between feelings of total elation and complete dejection - occasionally, multiple times a day. Over time, you learn to manage the ups and downs of releasing a highly requested feature and being burried under a mountain of bugs, but that feeling never completely goes away. Truthfully, I would never want to lose it completely because I've learned more from it than I could from anything else. The work also teaches you a tremendous amount about humility, agility and persistance.


Sharing the Load: Where to Go for Help as a New Product Manager

You just got asked to Product Manage a sweet new piece of software, and you're pumped! And why shouldn't you be? Product management is one of the most rewarding, challenging, and, at times, exhilarating jobs a person can get. But it is also one of the most difficult ones.


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