Meet the Movers and Makers: Steve Purcell, Tech Lead

Name: Steve Purcell

Role: Tech Lead, Leadin

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Last book you read:  The Innovator’s Dilemma. In the early stages of Leadin we spent a lot of time reimagining inbound marketing and exploring how we could make it accessible to everyone. This book is all about disruption so it was a great resource along the way.


Meet the Movers and Makers: Michael Axiak, Principal Software Engineer

Name: Michael Axiak

Role: Principal Software Engineer

What was the last book you read?

I just finished David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers. While it may be a bit biased, I really enjoyed learning about their humble pursuit to build what they knew could exist. In addition to the focus on the brothers themselves, it’s easy to feel a sense of wonder for the early 1900s. Here was a time when automobiles, the telephone, radio and relativity were all new. It definitely makes one wonder about the speed of innovation today and if we’ll feel at all similarly about the progression of AI and automation.



An Insider’s Guide to the Grace Hopper Celebration

The 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration is less than a month away and women from all over the country are getting ready to take over Texas, see as many talks as possible from speakers like Sheryl Sandberg, and meet a ton of new people that are passionate about product development. If that sounds awesome, it’s because it is.


Social Engineering: Why Managers Should Prioritize Team Bonding

There are three key ingredients that go into creating a remarkable product culture. The first is ensuring that every person on your development team has an exciting and challenging mission. Then you need to give them the tools, resources, and autonomy to be successful in their mission. The third piece, and arguably the most challenging, is surrounding employees with high-wattage people who they can learn from and bond with.


Unlimited Vacation: HubSpot Product and Engineering Edition

In the early days of HubSpot, a developer had worked nights and weekends to get a critical project to the finish line. Shortly after, he asked CEO Brian Halligan (who ran the product organization at the time) to sign off on his requested vacation days. It hit Brian how backward it was that this employee had the autonomy to drive a serious company-wide initiative but needed permission to take time off. Today, employees are evaluated on their results, not the number of days they're in the office, thanks to a "policy" called unlimited vacation. 


Redesigning a Website to Attract Top Product Talent


A few months ago, we really started to think about how we can scale our product team long-term. Engineers, designers, and product managers are hard to hire, especially ones that will raise the average of an already world-class team. A big part of attracting that level of talent is being intentional about how we tell the story of product and engineering at HubSpot. Today, after redesigning our homepage and jobs pages, we launched a new and improved Here’s how it happened and what the redesign is doing for our inbound recruiting framework.


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