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Anthony Roldan
Anthony is the Director of Engineering for HubSpot's Content Product Group.
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Code Screen Problems Don't Have to be Unspeakably Terrible

Many software developers are familiar with a “fizzbuzz”-type problem in coding interviews. The idea is to ask a fairly trivial coding question of candidates to make sure they are competent coders. This can be done on-site, or in a phone interview format. Although well-intentioned, these kinds of questions are annoying and insulting for qualified candidates, can give false negatives as a result of trivial errors (especially if asked on a whiteboard) and are tedious for interviewers to ask.


Using CocoaPods to Modularize a Big iOS App

Update, as of February 2017: I wrote this article three years ago and probably get an email once a month asking if that's still how we're building our mobile app. The tl;dr is that it isn't, but our mobile Tech Lead David Langley wrote an update with why we've moved away from it and what we're doing today.

Selecting the right architecture for your mobile app is a pretty big deal. It will shape your daily workflow, frame the problems you face, and can be a huge asset or huge liability.


How HubSpot got hooked on Jasmine

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be writing Javascript professionally in 2013, I would not have believed you.


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