At HubSpot, building a sustainable, equitable, and high-performing company is a core strategic objective. And over the last eight years, the annual Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Report has served as an important milestone to reflect on our progress and identify opportunities and areas of improvement. Today, we’re proud to share HubSpot’s 8th annual Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DI&B) Report, where we recognize and celebrate what’s working, while pinpointing opportunities for more progress.  

The 2024 DI&B Report includes employee data as of January 1, 2024, including gender, ethnicity and age data (ethnicity data is U.S. only). Additionally, the report includes data from self-reported categories, representing 38% of HubSpot’s global employees who chose to self-identify. 

Some key areas of progress and opportunity reflected in this year’s data include:

  • We maintained gender parity at the Director and Manager levels.

  • We sustained growth in BIPOC representation within our overall U.S. workforce.

  • Some progress has been made in enhancing BIPOC representation at the Director level, but more efforts are needed to ensure our Managers and VP population reflects our commitment to including underrepresented groups.

  • Progress in achieving gender balance in Sales and Engineering was made, but we recognize that we are not progressing as rapidly as we would like and our focus here will continue through 2024. 

As we enter 2024, we’ll continue to cultivate a culture anchored in empathy, inclusion & respect, where the diversity of our employees, customers, and partners is celebrated consistently. You can explore our diversity data in more detail and learn more about our areas of focus this year in HubSpot’s 2024 DI&B Report, and follow HubSpot Life on Instagram to stay connected with our diversity initiatives in the future.

Want to join our team? We’re hiring globally in 2024. As a hybrid company, you can work remotely, in one of our offices, or do a mix of both. Learn more about working in Product, UX and Engineering at HubSpot on our careers site, and follow #hubspotlife on Instagram for an inside look at HubSpot culture.

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