Every week at HubSpot, we put on an internal event called Tech Talk, where our engineers share all the latest about what they’ve been up to and their peers get a firsthand look at the future of the HubSpot product.

Now, you can go behind the scenes, too.


In this video, you’ll learn about the latest HubSpot product updates and how we built them, straight from our engineers themselves. Get the inside scoop on our engineering principles, our latest projects, and what's coming next.


  • Mitchell Katz, Tech Lead, CMS Assets IO

The CMS Assets IO team provides building blocks for the CMS without needing developers to build them. Mitchell speaks about how we shifted to using real files to represent these building blocks, then used these file representations to rearchitect our default asset distribution system and marketplace to be more scalable and far less complex.

  • Isabel Porto, Tech Lead, Mobile Sales (Android)
  • Antonio Pinho, Senior Software Engineer, Mobile

The Mobile team allows our mobile app users to scan their business cards into HubSpot CRM and paste meeting/attachments links directly into WhatsApp and other apps. Isabel and Antonio discuss how we build Mobile features at HubSpot.

  • Kevin Moses, Tech Lead, FinTech

Making Billing HubSpotty: How we enabled our FinTech teams to ship code at lightning speed while remaining reliable and compliant.

This session was recorded on November 19, 2020.

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