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Gabriela Lanza
Gabriela is a product designer working on HubSpot's CRM.
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Boston Scalable Architecture Meetup: A Night of Learning

One of the best things about tech is the sheer number of people who just want to build things, and build them well. This means that there's a lot of sharing in the tech world — we share how we're building with new technologies, how we redesign our products, how we structure our teams.


A Product Designer's Playbook for Working with Engineers

I’m a product designer. I spend my days working with a handful of product managers, a troop of engineers, a pack of other designers, and occasionally a few other types of people (like user researchers and product experts.) One of the most crucial things I’ve had to get the hang of over the past (almost) year at HubSpot is how to communicate with all of these different people.


5 Rules for Better Backbone Code

Backbone is a hugely popular MV* framework because it gives you a ton of freedom of implementation. There is no one "Backbone way" to accomplish most coding tasks.

This freedom is wonderful when you need it, but when you don't, Backbone's lack of official guidance makes it easy to stray into some bad patterns. When writing new code, try following these rules, and you'll likely find that your code will be far more modular and easier to understand.


HubSpot Visits Launch Academy

Every week at HubSpot we hold a Tech Talk where one of our developers teaches something cool to the rest of the development team. A few weeks ago gave a brief overview of TCP/IP networking and I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I wanted to share it with more people.

Launch Academy in Boston was gracious enough to allow me to visit their headquarters, so I stopped by and gave the presentation to the students.

(Thanks to @HeroicEric for the picture.)

What a great crowd! The students at Launch Academy are a highly motivated group and I had a blast discussing How The Internet Works with them.


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