Every week at HubSpot, we put on an internal event called Tech Talk, where our engineers share all the latest about what they’ve been up to and their peers get a firsthand look at the future of the HubSpot product.

Now, you can go behind the scenes, too.


In this video, you’ll learn about the latest HubSpot product updates in FinTech, Security, and Data Infra, and how we built them, straight from the engineers themselves. Get the inside scoop on our engineering principles, our latest projects, and what's coming next.


"Unique database auto-increments across data-centers": The journey to creating a performant and reliable external auto-increment system for cross data-center MySQL installations

  • Olga Shestopalova, Senior Software Engineer on the Data Infra SQL team

"Protecting your customer data at scale": The key pieces to protecting your customers' data at scale, and how to use them properly

  • Jakub Derda, Tech Lead of InfraSec Privacy and Compliance teams

“Demystifying the magic of Google Guice”: How Google Guice handles dependency injections and what its annotations are really doing

  • Caroline Hsu, Software Engineer on the FinTech Buying Intelligence team

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