Some of the best perspectives on HubSpot's product come from those who use it every day. In this interview series, we profile HubSpot partners, providers, and customers, and ask their thoughts on what our product team should keep in mind while solving for them, and where the future of the industry lies.

In this installment, we chat with Chelsea Gill, VP of Marketing at Resultant, a modern consulting firm focused on data analytics, tech, and digital transformation.

How did you first come to work with HubSpot’s products? More specifically, from your perspective, what key differentiators separated HubSpot’s product from others on the market?
I first started using HubSpot back in 2017 while working for a digital marketing agency. It was quick and easy to upload all of my opportunities and clients. I was also able to get the free version which allowed me to prove it out to my CEO at the time. I was pretty impressed with how intuitive it was to navigate and had several ideas of how I could apply it to our clients. It felt like I was using a luxury product for no out-of-pocket expenses.
What challenges were your team encountering that prompted you to find a solution (i.e. HubSpot software)?
At the beginning of my HubSpot “career,” I was simply trying to manage my marketing prospect pipeline, but it quickly evolved into becoming a HubSpot Agency  and we implemented the software for all our marketing clients. We liked having data in one central location versus across several different MarTech platforms.
What changed for you after you started using our product? How does your team measure success?
Having used other CRMs and Marketing Automation tools, I had a bad taste in my mouth. They were clunky, I had to customize on my own, it slowed me down, etc. HubSpot was the opposite. While I dreaded getting into other apps at that point, I was looking forward to exploring HubSpot more  and kept growing my skill set as a marketer as HubSpot was growing the platform. As I needed to learn new tricks, HubSpot added more and more product enhancements that fit right into whatever I was doing at the time.
I’m currently running my third marketing team using HubSpot. Just like many other marketers, we’re measured by our pipeline creation. Having the data under one roof made attributing marketing strategies and tactics much easier.
What feature of Marketing Hub is most useful to your team? What is a feature you would like to see introduced in the future?
I’d like to see HubSpot incorporate intent data into the platform allowing our team to customize and build out even more sophisticated campaigns through social, ad channels, email marketing, etc. I’d also like to see a more robust version of the campaign tracker  giving marketers who also have SDR teams the ability to add sequences, smart lists, and so forth to the campaign.
What role does data play in your marketing and sales strategies at Resultant? How has this helped you in scaling the growth of the company and what does the future look like?
In the future, we plan on using intent data to get a better grasp of what service lines our ICP might be looking for. We also closely manage individuals who engage with us through any channels to better understand how messaging and content is resonating with our audience.
Your LinkedIn biography states that you are passionate about the startup world. Are there any startups that have piqued your interest recently that you would like to “name drop?”
I’ve been really loving The Juice lately. It’s a brand new start-up focusing on curating content for sales and marketers. I’m excited to watch this team and platform grow and maybe be featured at HubSpot's INBOUND conference someday ;-)
What drove you to combine your interests in both marketing and tech? What is the most interesting part of your role?
I’m always looking for a challenge. I was told by several people marketing tech and data consulting services is next to impossible. It’s not. You just have to be really good at storytelling. This is my first time working with public sector clients. With the pandemic, state and federal government officials need tech and data now more than ever. The challenge now gets so much more meaningful. How can Resultant help state officials modernize and transform their systems to better serve their constituents? The stories and outcomes that come out of the public sector motivate me to reach more and do more by trying new marketing strategies and tactics to tell our clients stories well.
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from working with YOUR customers?
An empathetic, human-centered approach wins. This isn’t B2B, we’re marketing to people. I’ve known this for a while even before the start of my career at Resultant  but now I feel it and see it lived out every day.
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