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Elizabeth Dunn

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A Human Approach to Product Content

At HubSpot, we’re working to build a more diverse and inclusive place to work. We want to make sure that HubSpot is the kind of place where everyone can do their best work. We also want to make sure that our software — which thousands of companies use in their own workplaces — fosters an inclusive environment for our customers, too.


Microcopy: The Voice of your Product

Microcopy can make or break your product's user experience. Good microcopy goes beyond just telling your users what they need to do to make your product work -- it engages their emotions, generates trust, deepens loyalty, develops a sense of agency and empowerment, and creates an unshakeable bond between user and product. 

Done poorly, microcopy can make your user experience go very wrong, very fast. And the toughest aspect of microcopy is often just finding the proper voice for your product, then the applying the appropriate tone for that voice in any given context. Find out how the HubSpot product team approaches voice and tone -- and microcopy in general -- in this Tech Talk from January, 2015.


A New Content Platform For A New Dev & Design Site

Welcome to the new HubSpot Development & Design site!

We’ve made a bunch of changes around the place. Take a look around. For instance, there’s now a short video on the home page that tells you a little bit about what it’s like to work on the product team at HubSpot. There’s also a pretty sweet People Page that lets you get to know some of the individuals that make up the team here at HubSpot Dev & Design.


Laura Martinez is a HubSpotter

Laura Martinez

Michael Amirault is a HubSpotter


Paul Schwarz is a HubSpotter

Paul Schwartz

Name: Paul Schwarz
Role: Tech Lead at HubSpot
Superpower: Used to work at NASA

Paul Schwarz is a Tech Lead at HubSpot, heading up the new Integrations team. He spends most of his time fine-tuning the synchronization of our customers' HubSpot data with Salesforce, keeping things nice and stable and awesome.


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