Paul Schwartz

Name: Paul Schwarz
Role: Tech Lead at HubSpot
Superpower: Used to work at NASA

Paul Schwarz is a Tech Lead at HubSpot, heading up the new Integrations team. He spends most of his time fine-tuning the synchronization of our customers' HubSpot data with Salesforce, keeping things nice and stable and awesome.

Paul grew up in Houston, where his first job was as an embedded software engineer at NASA.  After a brief stint in San Antonio, he headed on up to Boston. Prior to joining us here at HubSpot just across the river in Cambridge, he spent some time scaling out warehouse operations at online home furnishing retailer Wayfair.

These days, Paul spends most of his off-hours just enjoying living in Boston, and likes to to check out new restaurants and the occasional indie rock show whenever he gets the chance. 


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