Laura Martinez
Name: Laura Martinez
Role: Tech Lead at HubSpot

Superpower: Exploiting Amazon Prime

Laura Martinez is on the HubSpot COS team, where she's building out the suite of content management and optimization products (email, landing pages, blog, etc.). She's pumped about the shnazzy new email product we just launched at HubSpot, although she claims that she can take no credit for that. Up next on her to-do list is a new integrated landing page and blogging tool.

"All of our stuff is Python/Django," Laura says. "And you'd be amazed how much code can be shared between such seemingly different products -- these folks take meta to a whole new level."

Before coming to HubSpot, Laura managed the web dev team at Compete, where she was the longest tenured employee at nearly 11 years (making her essentially the Patrick Fitzsimmons of Compete). Before Compete she attended school at MIT, where she studied CS (Course 6). Laura grew up in Miami, Florida, and spends most of her free time with her husband and their 15-month-old daughter. Every once in a while, when the kid is napping, she'll squeeze in a jog or a Bikram yoga class. 


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