Tom Petr is a HubSpotter

Tom Petr is a HubSpotter

Name: Tom Petr
Role: Developer at HubSpot
Superpower: Metabolizing Caffeine

Tom Petr is a developer on the HubSpot Application team, which means he spends his time sweating the details on stuff like the HubSpot login, navigation, notifications, and dashboard. In short, he works on a bunch of things that are close to any true HubSpotter's heart.

But none more so than Tom's.

Tom comes to us by way of Microsoft, having proudly toiled in the Cambridge NERD Center for two years before joining the HubSpot team. He was born and raised not far from here in Acton, Massachusetts, and studied Computer Systems Engineering at UMASS Amherst.

His hero is everybody's favorite number theorist Carl Friedrich Gauss, who Tom says was just "an all-around badass. Technology as we know it wouldn't exist without him."

And HubSpot as we know it wouldn't exist without you, Tom. Or at least, we'd have fewer prank hacks popping up all over our internal chat server. And then where would we be?

Go ahead and hassle Tom Petr on Twitter at @tpetr. He loves that.

Elizabeth Dunn

Written by Elizabeth Dunn

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