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Hannah is a Marketing Lead on the Product Team
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Taking Women to the Top of Tech: Q&A with Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival

With over 25,000 members in 18 countries, Women Who Code is making a dent in the way companies and communities think about, talk about, and solve for women in tech. “Our programs are focused on giving women in the tech industry the skills, opportunities, and network they need to stay in their careers and help them make it to the top.” That’s how Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code (WWCode), described the organization’s mission to me last week.


Meet the Movers and Makers: Síle Brehony, Product Manager

Our mover and maker this week comes to us live from Dublin, Ireland. Síle is a PM on HubSpot's email team working closely with our customers, designers, and engineers to make emailing more intuitive. Here's a snapshot of how she became a PM, her first day at DubSpot, and the song we should all be listening to right now.   

Name: Síle Brehony

Role: Product Manager

What song is stuck in your head these days? Gooey by Glass Animals. Saw them recently - amazing! It’s also a great song for concentrating - gets me in the zone :)

How do you like your coffee? Cappuccino or flat white (so milky). I’m anti sugar in coffee and constantly forget that a lot of places in the States add it by default - bad times :/  



Meet the Movers and Makers: Jen Huang, Tech Lead

Name: Jen Huang

Role: Tech Lead, Sidekick for Business

What are you reading right now? The Count of Monte Cristo

How do you like your coffee? With as much milk and sugar as I can put in it.   

Now, on to the good stuff. A few years ago, we started a snapshot series introducing HubSpotters like Paul, Anthony, and Laura. We're back at it and are excited to keep profiling the makers behind HubSpot, starting with Jen. (Her adorable dog and team mascot, Cody, made it to our Q&A session, too. We'll be sharing his valuable insights later on). 


Git After It: Why GitHub Won When So Many Other Big Companies Failed

Yesterday, Google announced they would officially be pulling the plug on open source project hosting service, Google Code. What launched ten years ago as an alternative to SourceForge never really grew up to be the social coding platform Google envisioned. In other words, it wasn’t GitHub.


A Night to Remember: Recapping the 2014 Product Awards

Last week, we celebrated an incredible year with our very first Product Awards Banquet. Boston’s record-breaking snowfall delayed the Awards not one, not two, but three times, but luckily, it only made us that more excited to cheers to the great year we had after having some time to reflect on our milestones and big wins from 2014.


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