On our careers site, we encourage candidates to tell imposter syndrome to take the day off — in other words, don't let a confidence gap, or a lack of a traditional tech resume, get in the way of applying to HubSpot. 

One of the best ways to reinforce this idea is to tell the stories of how current HubSpotters got into tech, especially if it was through an unexpected or nontraditional path.

Here, Software Engineer Nick Werner shares his story. (Full transcript below.)


Hi, my name is Nicholas Werner, I'm a software engineer at HubSpot and this is my journey into tech.

I was always building things as a kid. I loved playing with legos, built birdhouses with my grandparents. And it definitely continue professionally. I ended up running the family business for a little while and saw this experience of taking the brick and mortar store and taking it online and technology made my effort and gave a 10x return. And it just got me so interested in and developing my skills further in that area.

I ended up going to a coding bootcamp and they don't teach you everything, but I did learn how to learn and that's something I've relied on heavily, especially here as I've broken into tech and I'm now working as a software engineer.

It's my hope that one day maybe run a tech company and use these skills that I'm learning now as an engineer. And I think if I had any advice it would be to find an amazing mentor and someone you can rely on to ask questions and guide you in the experience. And also just believe in yourself, you know, be confident that you can do anything you set your mind to, and if it's really important to you, you'll, end up there.

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