In a world where user data is now brought into question, HubSpot is taking action to help our customers choose a privacy-first approach to advertising. This shift has been a long time coming with consumers taking back control of their personal information and deciding what, where, and how companies can use their data. 

With this shift, major networks like Google have developed solutions that strike a balance between keeping personal data secure and private, while allowing advertisers to continue driving growth with a relevant and useful user experience.

What can businesses expect thinking to 2023 and beyond? 

Businesses can expect an increasing need for transparency and control, therefore consent banners will become prevalent in more places. Third-party cookies will continue to diminish and will require aggregated measurement solutions as the availability of personal identifiers decrease. Also, the ability to tie conversion data to individuals will decrease, making advertisers more reliant on machine learning. 

This is where Google’s Enhanced Conversions for Web comes in. Enhanced Conversions allows you to capture hashed customer data, like email addresses collected on the conversion page, and matches it against Google login data.  

How does Enhanced Conversions work? 

A user signed-in to Google views your ad, then converts on your website where the conversion tag captures a field you specify, hashes the data and securely sends it to Google. Google then matches this data against Google’s hashed user data and the conversion is reported to your account. 

Benefits of Enhanced Conversions: 

  • Stronger performance: advertisers who use Enhanced Conversions for Web see an average conversion lift of 5% on search and 17% on YouTube.  Average performance lift begins from the first conversion event sent.*
  • Improved accuracy of models: get additional data for attribution, incrementally and auto-bidding, resulting in higher accuracy without sacrificing user privacy.
  • Privacy preparedness & next-gen solutions: adopting the collective set of solutions (sitewide tagging, Enhanced Conversions) will be important to prepare for future privacy changes and ensure comprehensive conversion reporting in the future.

How do you get started in HubSpot? 

HubSpot’s integration to provide Enhanced Conversions for Web is currently in Beta and available to select Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise customers. If you are eligible and do not already have access to this beta, you may request access via your Customer Success Manager. After connecting your Google Ads account, you can create new enhanced events or enhance your existing Google events with form submissions from HubSpot. Additionally, you can also create conversion events such as lifecycle stage ad conversion events for your Google Ads account. 

For more information about enhanced conversions, check out this Google article

Happy optimizing!


Source: *Google: Based on Enhanced Conversions customers onboarded between March 2021 - September 2021


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