Meet Caroline Sieg, Senior Content Designer at HubSpot! Caroline started her career across different content and communication roles before finding a love for User Experience and design. Learn more about how Caroline designs for accessibility and inclusivity and what she's working on...

Can you tell us a little about your background and journey to HubSpot?

My journey into User Experience (UX) has been quite unique. I started as a textbook editor, then became a travel editor and writer, digital content manager and communications consultant - including  team lead roles at an art fair, a jewelry company, as well as in FinTech and e-commerce. Along the way, I fell in love with UX and embraced content design.

Describe a typical day in your role.

Today is pretty typical: I'm reviewing wireframes and discussing the risks and benefits of solving for accessibility and inclusivity through the use of words. In another wireframe, I found a way to use design elements (like icons) instead of words. Then, I'm meeting with a product manager and a product designer to suggest what kinds of FAQs we should include, based on the feedback we got in user interviews. Last, I'm adding terminology to an  AI tool our UX team recently adopted, which will better streamline and improve the challenge of  maintaining consistent content across the vast HubSpot ecosystem.

What technical challenges are you currently working on?

We just released a new WhatsApp integration- it's been a wild ride working on a brand-new communications channel. I’m actively monitoring customer feedback to make sure my aim to explain this complex integration with human language is truly hitting the mark! I'm also working on a new metric that determines email campaign success--this is in response to recent Apple Privacy changes which have turned traditional success metrics on their heads. No one has really figured this out yet, so this involves lots of back and forth movements in some very confusing uncharted territory.

Are there any industry trends or topics that are exciting to you right now?

Accessibility and inclusivity, and the fact that when you find solutions with this in mind, you make products that are better for everyone. A good real-world example is this: when sidewalks are made accessible to wheelchair users, it also makes it easier for people to get around with strollers and bicycles.

How are you solving for the customer?

By listening to customers' concerns and questions during user interviews or reading responses to in-app quick polls, and coming up with clear content to answer those questions in the right place at the right time. And, when in doubt, I always think- “how can I best provide empathy and understanding to a customer question?”.

In your own words, what makes working in tech at HubSpot unique?

The fact that HubSpot leadership knows that we are humans first. In order to practice empathy and kindness towards our customers, we need to do it internally, too. 

Outside of work, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love traveling, hiking and walking along the sea. I live in Barcelona where I have access to both the Pyrenees  and the Mediterranean. I also take advantage of remote working by pet sitting. It's great to cuddle with animals while spending a few weeks in, for example, the countryside of Provence for a change of scenery.

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