Jordan Smith is a HubSpotter


Name: Jordan Smith
Role: Developer at HubSpot
Superpower: Milkshakes

Jordan Smith is on the Partner Products team at HubSpot, where he's building a closed-loop analytics app for paid ads (Facebook, AdWords, et al). It's a HubSpot Marketplace app built with the standard HubSpot Django / mySQL stack, and it helps customers figure out how much their paid leads are really costing them.

It's insanely useful, in other words.

Jordan hails from what we Northerners insist on referring to somewhat vaguely as "the South." You can tell he's from "the South" (he says) because he loves biscuits and gravy, hates wearing shoes, and dreams of opening a Chik-fil-a, Waffle House, or a Krispy Kreme restaurant in Cambridge. Possibly all under one roof. On the other hand, he doesn't have any sort of a definable accent and considers college football to be merely "tolerable," so we're not really sure what to make of him.

HubSpot is Jordan's second startup after a brief stint as a blackjack dealer in Lake Tahoe.

His hobbies are chocolate milkshakes, trying to read the entire Internet every day, playing ultimate frisbee, and rock climbing. 

Follow Jordan on Twitter at @jodansmif.

Elizabeth Dunn

Written by Elizabeth Dunn

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