Come to HubSpot and Hack a Marketing App! HubSpot Hackathon2 Thursday 2/16

hackathonWe've made some great progress on the HubSpot App Marketplace over the past few months, and think it's a fine time to hold our next HubSpot Hackathon.  We're really excited about the possibilities and potential of creating apps on the HubSpot Platform and in the marketplace and are holding another Hackathon, coming up on Thursday 2/16 at 6pm at HubSpot Headquarters in Cambridge, MA, read more on the Eventbrite page here (please sign up!):

We're also giving out some very special prizes as a part of this Hackathon, including the opportunity to have dinner with Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot CTO and prominent Angel Investor as well as Yoav Shapira, former VP of Engineering at HubSpot and now our VP of Platform Strategy. There's also the opportunity to come in to HubSpot and hack on your app for an afternoon with some awesome HubSpot developers and product folks.  Check out the page linked to above to see how your app can qualify. This event will go late into the night as you might imagine, stay as late as you want of course, but we're also going to be letting any app that goes live within 24 hours of the event to qualify for the prizes.

Some of the new features we've implemented and are working on are OAuth support, ratings and reviews and new APIs like Prospects and Keywords. OAuth opens up the HubSpot app marketplace customer base to all HubSpot customers, giving your app great visiblity and potential user base.  Of course, we're also working on billing through the HubSpot Marketplace, but that's not quite ready yet ;).  You can read more about the HubSpot Platform and Marketplace on our new developers site here:

We'll be proving food and drinks for the event, as well as some cool HubSpot shwag for apps that go live at the event. Come hang out with the best developers in Boston and hack apps with us. Hope to see you at the Hackathon!

Adrian Mott

Written by Adrian Mott

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