7K0A6117-2Welcome to HubSpot, Rekindle!  We announced today that we acquired Boston-based social graph company, Rekindle. We’re beyond excited to welcome their team, talent, and innovation to HubSpot. Here’s why.

At its core, our software has always been about connecting people. By transforming their marketing and sales approach, our 13,500+ customers have been able to reach their audiences to build relationships and ultimately fuel growth. Without the right tools and products, it can be a challenge for businesses to make those connections.

We were drawn to Rekindle from the get-go because they share this vision of connecting people. Co-founder, Matt Grace, saw an opportunity to use contact graph technology to introduce new friends or colleagues and reacquaint with old ones. The platform aggregates the most updated contact info from across a variety of networks to reduce the noise and amplify the data that will ultimately connect one person with another, meaningfully.

There are a ton of technologies out there that were designed for people to interact; Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Slack are open in my browser right now. Rekindle stood out from the pack because it’s not just about connecting, but connecting in a more human way. We are in the early innings with our sales products and Rekindle is the kind of muscle we need need to fuel customers’ growth through the CRM and Sidekick.

But even with a great product, technology, and vision, there’s one key factor that tipped the scales on this acquisition: the team. We take culture incredibly seriously here. We believe in hiring people that we can learn from, have a good time with, and trust to make the right product decisions. Not surprisingly, top talent that fits that bill can be hard to find.

We got to know Matt, Cappy, Alex, and Gigi over the past couple months and our teams clicked quickly. They showed a commitment to solving for the customer, the ability to move quickly, a GSD (get shit done) attitude, and a curiosity to learn- all ingredients we look for in good culture fit candidates. We were lucky to find a team that would seamlessly integrate into our product organization and help us raise the bar.

Rekindle was born and raised in Boston, just like HubSpot. We’ve always been excited by all the tech innovation happening right here in our backyard; there are constantly big ideas, new technologies, and top talent coming out of schools like MIT, Northeastern, and more. We have strong roots here and are thrilled to add local talent to our team as we continue to build a pillar tech company in Boston.

Please join me in welcoming Rekindle to HubSpot! new_twitter_bird_vector_by_eagl0r-d2yth6g

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