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Easing the Pain of Hadoop with Guice

If you've used Hadoop for non-trivial jobs, you've probably run into the "remote construction" problem.  Since Hadoop ships your code and spins it up in Java VMs on remote machines, you can't pass pre-constructed Java objects into your jobs--you have to bootstrap everything from scratch in the spun-up VM, and the only form of configuration Hadoop makes it easy to pass over is key/value string pairs.


BostInnovation Feature on "The Tech Behind HubSpot"

We in the HubSpot R+D were excited to see Kevin McCarthy's great BostInnovation article on The Tech Behind HubSpot.


Git by a Bus

Developers are always being told to document and collaborate on their code in case they are "hit by a bus."  Usually "hit by a bus" is code for "go to another company," but the point is the same: if you are a developer with unique knowledge of code, that knowledge is at risk if you depart either your job or this life.


Technical Debt, Technical Interest, and Technical Vigorish

When was the last time you heard the term "technical debt?"  If you're a developer, it was probably pretty recently.  Now when was the last time you heard the term "technical interest?"  I bet it has been significantly longer.  Ward Cunningham, who coined the term "technical debt," was definitely thinking about the interest angle: "Every minute spent on not-quite-right code," he wrote, "counts as interest on that debt."  But I think a lot of developers and shops today aren't thinking about technical interest as a consequence of technical debt.  They treat technical debt as a casual interest-free loan from friends or family--a "debt" that may never even come due.  I think this attitude towards technical debt is a mistake.  I think that we not only pay interest on our technical debt--we often pay vigorish.


Maybe IDs Should Be Object-Oriented Too

What's wrong with this picture?


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