Chris Miller

Chris Miller
Chris is a Director of Product and founding member of HubSpot's Growth team, helping SMBs grow their marketing, sales, and customer service operations with HubSpot's tools. Find him on Twitter at @KwisMiller.
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Good Brainstorms Drive Outcomes, Not Outputs

Brainstorms are fun and essential for almost every product team.

They can get everyone in the team involved, they help fill out your backlog, they’re the things that get creative-minded folks out of bed in the morning. 

But there are many ways teams can let brainstorming sessions get in the way of progress.


Building a Team of Growth: What I’ve Learned from Failure, Experimentation & Inclusion

When I started my career I couldn’t have told you what growth teams did, let alone imagine working on one of them. But as a founding member of HubSpot’s Growth team I’ve helped build and shape it from the ground up, and now I’m obsessed with helping customers solve problems by finding value in our tools with our growth strategies and data driven experimentation.

Here at HubSpot our Growth team helps people discover the value of the HubSpot platform, no matter what their software budget is. No matter who or where you are, it’s our job to connect our solutions to your business problems so you can become a better business owner, team member, marketer, sales rep, etc.


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