On the Product Operations team, we know the path to a data career is never linear.

No one was born a data professional and all of our current teammates report needing a bit of “luck” to get that first data job. At HubSpot we’re hoping to make it easier to get into data analytics careers and get experience working in live-data environments. That’s why we’re launching our Associate Analyst Rotational Program.

This winter, we’re hoping to find two growth-minded individuals who are excited about data but may not have the “background” or “years of experience” that are standard on analyst job descriptions. So many of us got started in data via spreadsheets and we know first-hand that the jump from SUMIF to SELECT * can be really difficult without the right infrastructure and support.  

With this new program, we’re breaking down the requirement of “technical experience” so you don’t have to be an Excel, SPSS, SQL, Python, or R wizard to make a big impact. We’re designing this program to teach you the tools you need to get the job done, to make insights and recommendations of unstructured data. We want to give you hands-on experience on querying, analyzing, and reporting on data. We want to provide an accessible and truly “entry-level” role so that we can have a diverse set of perspectives working to make HubSpot’s products successful year after year. We want to help cultivate the next generation of data professionals.

We’re looking for folks who

  • Are passionate about finding learnings that are not obvious - like mining for nuggets of truth!
  • Are ready to get their hands dirty into real data and real problems - data cleaning is REAL.
  • Are excited about learning new skills - and know that it takes practice! 
  • Strive to understand the reality behind the stats - there are real people behind those 1’s and 0’s!
  • Aspire to be a data-driven influencer. 
    Reporting and visualization is a necessary first step, but that should evolve into making recommendations and advocating for strategy.

This new Associate Analyst program will be about 1 year in length, starting with a few months of technical foundations. You’ll get to partake in a lot of the “data lifecycle” -- using tools like Airflow and dbt to get a crash course in doing the “T” in Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), learning how to query a SQL database to mix and match data from disparate sources, and using Looker for the reporting and visualization. You’ll get to fill out your toolbelt with modern, growing data technologies. 

Next, you’ll spend two 5-month periods in rotations across the Product Operations team. For each rotation, you’ll have an experienced mentor to help you along the way, providing guidance and feedback. Together you’ll be responsible for real projects and be making real impact.  You may be working on understanding what features our customers love/use the most, or modeling opportunities for new product growth. You’ll get experience in handling large datasets, running statistical analysis, creating financial models, and more. You’ll get opportunities to hone your data presentation skills by designing dashboards and sharing your learnings with some of the best Product leaders at HubSpot.

So if you’re as excited as we are, apply today to our Associate Analyst Rotational Program.

We can’t wait to grow better together with you.

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