Why you should absolutely, definitely, and confidently apply to join the Product Operations team.

If you’re considering applying for an analyst position in the Product Operations team, this post is for you. If you’re passionate about analytics, want to drive influence through data, and aspire to be at the forefront of knowledge, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t apply.

I fully understand the disheartening, stressful nature of applying for jobs. There are often endless amounts of applications we have to go through. We experience emotional and physical drainage from feeling worthless and underqualified. Our fear of rejection is often validated by constantly hearing about how we need more experience to get a job but also need a job to get that experience. Our leadership team is trying to bridge this gap by shifting our mindset toward the future. 

In designing our roles, my colleagues place an emphasis not on what is but what can be. It’s all about growth, and we’re here to help.


Reasons why you are a great fit


Building your brand and doubling down on your strengths

One of the things I’ve loved the most about working at HubSpot as an analyst has been working and succeeding in my own way. We’re not pressured to contribute to the company’s growth in a replaceable manner. We get to contribute in our own unique and meaningful ways.

Part of being a dedicated analyst for a team means that you get to build unique sets of relationships with stakeholders. You can also specialize in a subject matter, whether that is a part of the product or a specific skill. In the process of doing this, you build your own brand. 

Growing with the support of your team

As part of the team, you will be formally supported by a variety of colleagues with different skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. From mentors at a more senior level, to product leaders, to fellow analysts who have walked the runway, there is no shortage of community support. You will not be alone in navigating the complex and dynamic environment that is HubSpot as well as our fast-growing product operations team.. 

Additionally, chances are that whatever statistical programming language you need help with, whatever tool you need to learn, or whatever fancy quantitative method you need to apply, there will be someone there to support your growth. We’ve had team readouts about everything from stakeholder management and SaaS economics to more specific topics on data science and the state of our data infrastructure. We are constantly looking for ways to help each other grow effectively, especially as our team gets larger over time.

Some parting words: To be successful, you will need to learn quickly and deeply, adapt to new environments and processes, and build long-lasting relationships. It might not be easy, but everyone on our team got to where they are today with some level of support. Let us be part of that journey for you.

Does the Product Operations team sound like the place for you? Check out our open roles on HubSpot's career site.

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