As some of you know, an important part of the Scrum framework is the Sprint Review.  This is when a number of things happen, including the Scrum teams demonstrating their work to the rest of the company. 

At HubSpot, we wanted to make this more dynamic, open, and interesting than a simple series of PowerPoint presentation or even regular demos.  So we created what we call the "Science Fair"-format Sprint Review.

It's pretty simple.  Each team gets a table in a big open conference room, and they can do what they wish to best demo their work.  They can use laptops, screens, arts and crafts, whatever they want.  There has to be at least one person manning their "booth" for the duration of the Science Fair, which is two hours.

Visitors can come and go as they please, and spend as little or as much time as they wish with each team.  This is a fantastic opportunity for people who have a lot of meetings, calls, or other work to attend just for a little bit, without feeling bad about it.

As part of our culture of transparency, these meetings are actually open to anyone.  You are all welcome to join us.  If you're in the Boston area, send me a note, and we'll get you set up. 

Resident HubSpot DJ and Support Engineer David Gallant shot a video of me walking around the Science Fair yesterday.  We also took some still photos.  These are below.



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