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Why HubSpot began publicly answering its own interview questions

Most technical students are familiar with the concept of a test bank. For those who aren't, test banks are collections of old tests and homework. They can be passed down informally from older students to younger ones or they can be complex digitized systems spanning years worth of material. The basic idea is that if you have an idea of the format in which the professor will ask you to demonstrate the knowledge you've attained in class you'll be able to get a higher grade.


Don't Make Me Think: A/B Testing at HubSpot

I really don't like doing a ton of choosing. I don't know a ton of developers that do. I think it's because when you choose you expose yourself to the risk of being wrong. I don't think I know any developers that like being wrong. 


UMass Boston Web Application Challenge Starts Today!

HubSpot is very excited to announce our second web application challenge. Starting today, UMass Boston students will be able to enter their Facebook/Flickr mash-ups to win awesome prizes, not to mention a shout out on HubSpot.tv! Our last contest featured students from Northeastern and they set the bar pretty high. But, I'm sure the UMass students are going to step up and wow us. 


Web Application Challenge Winners

In November, the Development team here at HubSpot held a competition for Northeastern University students. We tasked them with creating a mash-up of Facebook and Flickr. Specifically, we asked them to use data from a user's Facebook profile as search criteria at Flickr and return pictures the user may find interesting.


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