Matt Schnitt

Matt Schnitt
Matt Schnitt is a Director of Product for the Sales Product Group at HubSpot. Since joining the company in January 2010, he has worked in a variety of roles and departments at the company ranging from Account Management to Handyman. After graduating Cum Laude from Northeastern University, Matt joined the HubSpot Product team in February 2013, where he pairs his unique understanding of customers with his love of problem-solving and web technologies.
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4 Mistakes New Product Managers Make

Starting out as a product manager, you constantly oscillate between feelings of total elation and complete dejection - occasionally, multiple times a day. Over time, you learn to manage the ups and downs of releasing a highly requested feature and being burried under a mountain of bugs, but that feeling never completely goes away. Truthfully, I would never want to lose it completely because I've learned more from it than I could from anything else. The work also teaches you a tremendous amount about humility, agility and persistance.


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