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Customer-Driven Product Development: 6 Steps to Using Live Chat For User Testing

The use case for live chat on a website seems obvious at first glance. It’s a support tool that allows users to more quickly and painlessly get help from your team, rather than having to fill out a ticket or call. Here at the Signals team, however, we use live chat for one other very distinct use case: user testing.

The beauty of live chat is that it creates an avenue for you to speak with users when they’re in the thick of their experience with your product. As I explained in my previous post, it helps you get to the real problem. In addition, you can actually use it for gathering both qualitative and quantitative -- if executed under the right circumstances.

Why live chat for user testing?


Customer-Driven Product Development: Understanding the real problem

Every user of your product has valuable insight to offer your team. That’s why it’s imperative that every user who fills out a support ticket gets a thoughtful, human response that goes beyond simply answering their original question.

In my last post I argued that all engineers should do their own support. When engineers are answering support tickets, interactions with customers act as a compass to guide product quality improvements and new feature development. In the early stages of product development, users with something to say are your most crucial lens on the world because they’re the ones who will get you to product-market fit.


Customer-Driven Product Development: How Signals Handles Customer Support

As the Signals team works toward an increasingly tighter product-market fit, we've taken a somewhat different approach when it comes to support. Operating at a low .01 tickets per user, we’ve used customer-driven product development in the early stages of Signals. While the fundamentals of this approach aren't radically new, it does speak to how you can create a beautiful product experience, faster, by keeping your entire team plugged in with your customers.


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