Mariah Muscato

Mariah Muscato
Mariah Muscato is a Principal Product Designer for the Growth and Fintech teams at HubSpot.

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How building a design system empowers your team to focus on people — not pixels.

This post is the first in a series about HubSpot Canvas, our new Design Language.

There’s an old comedy skit about a mailman who decides he’s no longer passionate about delivering mail - he’d rather deliver tacos instead.

In the skit, a man waits by his mailbox to confront the mailman about the lack of actual mail in his mailbox. Despite loving tacos, the resident says, “If I had to choose between the tacos and the mail, I’d have to choose the mail.” 

Tacos are much more exciting than bills, but the man doesn’t need tacos. He needs his mail. 


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