Kelsey Dietz

Kelsey Dietz
Kelsey is a Senior Product Analyst at HubSpot.

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How HubSpot's product analysts transform the customer experience

It takes a village to build a product. Not literally, of course; but the sentiment is the same. You need many different people in many different roles in order to get a successful product off the ground. Without everyone’s individual skills and perspectives — their special piece of the puzzle — product decisions can easily fall prey to bias and missed opportunities. 

HubSpot relies heavily on this village model for virtually all of our product teams. For each team, there’s a core group of people who do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to building their product. Engineers bring their deep understanding of constraints and technical tradeoffs. Designers use their deep knowledge of the user, her experience, and design standards across the product. And product managers contribute their broad and varied insights about the business. This core team is supported by a number of other people who are integral to a product’s success: UX researchers, UX writers, expert support reps, and, of course, product analysts.


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