Julie Nergararian & the HubSpot Frontend Platform Team

Julie Nergararian & the HubSpot Frontend Platform Team
Julie is a Tech Lead on HubSpot's Frontend Platform team

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Making Hundreds of Developers More Efficient by Creating a Frontend Platform Team

Every organization holds certain values and beliefs that shape their culture. In the HubSpot Product org, we believe in moving quickly and iterating to constantly evolve with our customers’ needs. We’ve found, for example, that a small team empowered to make decisions and relentlessly drive toward their goals will deliver results and insights much more quickly than a larger group. That said, we also know that any organizational decision — like having these small, autonomous teams — will both solve problems and introduce new ones that require effort to solve. The primary challenge in this small team model is continually driving design and technical consistency across the organization for a quality customer experience and efficient development cycles. Conway's Law poses an obstacle that requires teams to collaborate and communicate effectively to avoid silos and diverging user experiences.


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