Allison, Molly, and Rose

Allison, Molly, and Rose were all co-ops for HubSpot Engineering during the Fall 2014 semester.

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8 Reasons to Co-op at HubSpot


1. Join an amazing team, build amazing things

This one seems pretty obvious—HubSpot has an amazing product and co-ops have the good fortune to work on it. But a killer product does not always mean an incredible co-op experience. The incredible experience at HubSpot largely comes from the way we work together. A co-op at HubSpot joins a small team of 2-4 engineers and works closely with their Tech Lead to push code to production on their first day. Each group of engineers is paired with a Product Manager and a Designer to form a small, autonomous team that fully owns every stage of an app's lifecycle, from mockups to maintenence. A co-op becomes an integral part of a team by playing an an almost identical role to a fulltime developer. It might sound a bit intimidating a first, but luckily everyone has a team to support them!


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