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A Day in the life of an engineer

10:00 am


Grab fresh cold brew and start reviewing PRs.

11:30 am


Drop dog pics in team chat room after stand-up.

2:00 pm


Learn about platform tools at Tech Talk.

3:30 pm


Chat with tech lead in weekly 1:1.

4:00 pm


Merge PR, test on QA, deploy to Prod.

6:30 pm


Swing by Board Game Night.

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Engineering at HubSpot

We believe in small development teams that have ownership over challenging products. That way, our engineers have the freedom and responsibility to make meaningful progress for our customers. Like our products, we iterate on our tech stack continuously. We build static apps today with React & Backbone using ES6, CoffeeScript and Sass. Our RESTful APIs and backend services are built using Dropwizard, Hadoop & Spark, Kafka, HBase, MySQL and Elastic Search. We deploy hundreds of times per day on AWS, using Singularity and Mesos.


Available Roles

Role Location
Senior Software Engineer, CRM Backend Cambridge, Massachusetts
Senior Software Engineer, Content Platform Cambridge, Massachusetts
Senior Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure Cambridge, Massachusetts
Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Dublin, Ireland
Senior Software Engineer, Sales Email Cambridge, Massachusetts
Software Engineering Co-op/Intern Cambridge, Massachusetts
Software Engineering Intern Dublin, Ireland
Software Engineer Cambridge, Massachusetts
Software Engineer Dublin, Ireland

HubSpot has completely spoiled me as an engineer. I'll never again be able to work at company where it's days or weeks until I can release a new feature to customers. I've become permanently accustomed to a fast-paced atmosphere with a minimal amount of process overhead. 

Jeff Boulter
Senior Tech Lead

There‚Äôs always somebody to help you debug something or explain how their piece of the product works. We have weekly Tech Talks where a developer will share some piece of tech they find interesting, ranging from new frontend frameworks to the inner workings of HBase. I'm constantly learning and growing as a developer. 

Jen Huang
Tech Lead

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