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A Day in the life of a product manager

9:00 am


Check JIRA and Trello.

11:30 am


User test new feature with customers.

12:30 pm


Grab lunch before team stand-up.

3:30 pm


Write up beta feedback.

4:00 pm


Review prototypes with engineers.

4:30 pm


Prepare product demo for Science Fair.

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Product Management at HubSpot

At HubSpot, product managers are the champions of the customer. They thrive at understanding the customer’s problem and working in small teams with engineers and designers to build the solution. Our PMs are data-driven, skilled communicators, and leaders within the organization driving company and customer growth. 


Being a PM here means you have the ability to affect thousands of customers with a single decision. That's a big responsibility but an even bigger opportunity to make an impact. The best part is that we get to make those hard decisions with such smart people that it becomes downright enjoyable.

Angela DeFranco
Product Manager

One of the best parts of my job is the amount of autonomy I experience every day. There are few things as motivating as being let loose within a product area to figure out what the most important customer issues are, and then helping your team work to solve them.

Lars Österberg
Product Manager

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