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A Day in the life of a product designer

9:30 AM


Grind coffee beans. Sip espresso.

11:00 AM


Check in with engineers at stand-up.

12:30 PM


Mock up new dashboard in InVision.

1:30 PM


Get feedback at design review.

2:45 PM


User test new interface with customers.

4:30 PM


Start sketching next project.

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Product Design at HubSpot

Design plays a central role in building product at HubSpot. Designers touch every part of the development process, from user testing to production, and work closely with engineers to guide the product vision. The team is collaborative, curious, and believes that good design can empower our customers to grow.  



Open Positions

 Senior Product Designer, Cambridge, MA   

Designing at HubSpot is brilliant. The culture of quickly iterating on ideas encourages everyone to try things out -- it's awesome. I am also constantly blown away by the smart and talented people working around me. If you believe that good design can really delight and empower people (as I do), HubSpot is the place to be.

Hugo Welke
Product Designer

We have design reviews twice a week that encourage designers to open up and work through their problems early on with the whole team. Success is very much a group effort here, and I see designers going out of their way to help each other every day. That's why HubSpot is the ideal place to grow a design career.

Lesley Burr
Product Designer

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