5 Reasons Your Product Doesn't Look Like the Mockup

One of the most common frustrations in software product development is the disconnect between what a designer envisions and what a development team delivers. As a product manager, I am certainly not alone in my experience of repeatedly trying to untangle why the product that our team shipped deviated so much from the original concepts we saw come from the designer(s) on a project.


Your Designers Are Not Artists

The following is an excerpt from a blog post by Keith Frankel (@thekeithf). You can read the full article on the Inbound Marketing blog.

Design is first and foremost a job of solving problems. Designers see (or are tasked with responding to) a need. They must brainstorm how to best satisfy that need, create the solution, and then send the result out into the world for others to enjoy...

Having said that, always keep in mind that the goal of design is, first and foremost, to support the function of your content by providing thoughtful solutions to your problems. In such a way, designers are ultimately responsible for improving the overall quality of a consumer’s experience with your content.

Continue to the Inbound Marketing blog for the full story.


Designing HubSpot's Content

We've made a lot of changes inside the Hubspot product over the last year. There's been a huge push to create a more consistent and reliable foundation for all of the user interfaces throughout the product. This means attacking all of the areas of the software that exhibit similar behavior and uses, like toolbars, sidebars, footers, and so on. Ideally, these should all look and work in similar ways so that your users don't have to keep teaching themselves how to use each interface from scratch.


The New HubSpot Nav Bar Design: A Web App Usability Study

Now that we've started doing a better job on this blog of providing you a glimpse at how our development and design processes work here at HubSpot, it's time we shed some light on the design half of the equation. We've recently overhauled our product navigation menu, so we thought this would make an excellent case study for looking at how customer research and testing have helped us move in the right direction, and move quickly.


Some principles we design by here at HubSpot

In our interface design work here at HubSpot we talk a lot about the unwritten rules that we design by. They come up in design reviews, in hallway conversations, and in heated chat rooms. I'm sure we have many dozen of both spoken and unspoken rules overall. 


Design Consistency and the Brilliance of Twitter Bootstrap

hubspot style guideSometimes the database schemas and app development aren't the only challenging issues facing a product development organization -- consistency of the design of all apps within a product and platform can present a major hurdle.  


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