5 Whiteboard Coding Tips for Interviews

Whiteboard coding is a standard part of technical interviews these days. Candidates focus on preparing for questions and forget to practice delivering their responses. Interviewers use whiteboard coding problems to evaluate how a quickly, clearly, and concisely candidates articulate their designs. Common factors in a unsatisfactory interview performance are writing messy code, running out of space, and forgetting essential parts of the question. Keeping a few common-sense simple tips in mind can help a candidate avoid these pitfalls during an interview.


The Inbound Way To Get Hired

Inbound hiringGetting hired at a great company is just like trying to acquire great customers -- if you use the classic inbound techniques of (1) creating great content and (2) nurturing your best relationships, you're bound to go far.


Come to HubSpot and Hack a Marketing App! HubSpot Hackathon2 Thursday 2/16

hackathonWe've made some great progress on the HubSpot App Marketplace over the past few months, and think it's a fine time to hold our next HubSpot Hackathon.  We're really excited about the possibilities and potential of creating apps on the HubSpot Platform and in the marketplace and are holding another Hackathon, coming up on Thursday 2/16 at 6pm at HubSpot Headquarters in Cambridge, MA, read more on the Eventbrite page here (please sign up!):


Why HubSpot began publicly answering its own interview questions

Most technical students are familiar with the concept of a test bank. For those who aren't, test banks are collections of old tests and homework. They can be passed down informally from older students to younger ones or they can be complex digitized systems spanning years worth of material. The basic idea is that if you have an idea of the format in which the professor will ask you to demonstrate the knowledge you've attained in class you'll be able to get a higher grade.


How Messing Around With the Facebook and Flickr APIs Got Me an iPod and a Job

"Mom, I accidentally a job." I was excited, and articles of speech were only slowing me down. "HubSpot. They me a job." Who needed verbs anymore? I got a job at HubSpot. Sure it was only an internship with me still being in school and all, but still. How did I find myself in this awesome position, you ask? Well it's simple. I made a web app.


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