4 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Career in Product

Thinking about your career after college can be an intimidating process. I recently graduated from Boston College and joined HubSpot’s engineering team so it wasn’t long ago that I was interviewing for my first job out of college and wondering, like millions of undergraduates today, where I would start my career.


5 Tips for Getting Your First Technical Internship

For college students everywhere, it’s getting to be that time of the year again. You probably have your eye on an internship with a fast-growing company where you can get your hands dirty, own real problems, and move the needle on a product that actually interests you. The only thing standing in your way is a tiny little detail called competition.


8 Reasons to Co-op at HubSpot


1. Join an amazing team, build amazing things

This one seems pretty obvious—HubSpot has an amazing product and co-ops have the good fortune to work on it. But a killer product does not always mean an incredible co-op experience. The incredible experience at HubSpot largely comes from the way we work together. A co-op at HubSpot joins a small team of 2-4 engineers and works closely with their Tech Lead to push code to production on their first day. Each group of engineers is paired with a Product Manager and a Designer to form a small, autonomous team that fully owns every stage of an app's lifecycle, from mockups to maintenence. A co-op becomes an integral part of a team by playing an an almost identical role to a fulltime developer. It might sound a bit intimidating a first, but luckily everyone has a team to support them!


5 Takes on Frequently Asked Product Questions

There is a set of product questions we often discuss internally and with folks outside of HubSpot. A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a panel for Northeastern's Women in CIS to discuss some of the most frequent questions as seen through the lens of different people on the engineering team – from designers and product managers to software developers and tech leads. Below are some of the highlights, but feel free to check out the video for more detail.


Sharing the Load: Where to Go for Help as a New Product Manager

You just got asked to Product Manage a sweet new piece of software, and you're pumped! And why shouldn't you be? Product management is one of the most rewarding, challenging, and, at times, exhilarating jobs a person can get. But it is also one of the most difficult ones.


What We've Learned About Interviewing Engineers

At HubSpot, we have grown from one to 75 developers in a few short years. This is what we've learned.


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