Impostor Syndrome: The One Challenge Developers Don't Talk About  

Sometimes self-doubt can make you feel like a fake. You’re convinced you’re a fraud and that it’s just a matter of time until your co-workers find out you’re not as smart as they thought. Looking at your achievements doesn’t really help because you’re too busy internalizing your mistakes. If this sounds familiar, you might have something called impostor syndrome. You might also be an engineer.


Social Engineering: Why Managers Should Prioritize Team Bonding

There are three key ingredients that go into creating a remarkable product culture. The first is ensuring that every person on your development team has an exciting and challenging mission. Then you need to give them the tools, resources, and autonomy to be successful in their mission. The third piece, and arguably the most challenging, is surrounding employees with high-wattage people who they can learn from and bond with.


Practical Advice for New Software Engineers

A big part of writing great code is the series of “aha!” moments we have on the job that teach us to solve problems faster and more effectively. For engineers that are just starting out, getting a head start on those inflection points never hurts. So from one engineer to another, here are some learnings and hacks I’ve collected over the past few years on everything from the dangers of abstracting to why we should all be rubber duckies from time to time.


Taking Women to the Top of Tech: Q&A with Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival

With over 25,000 members in 18 countries, Women Who Code is making a dent in the way companies and communities think about, talk about, and solve for women in tech. “Our programs are focused on giving women in the tech industry the skills, opportunities, and network they need to stay in their careers and help them make it to the top.” That’s how Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code (WWCode), described the organization’s mission to me last week.


Four Things I Wish I Knew When I Became a Tech Lead

Years ago, a mentor of mine talked to me about the distinction between leadership (coping with change) and management (coping with complexity). A tech lead does a little bit of both: we have to come up with the vision for growing the technical systems that solve problems for our customers and shepherd the solution from concept to production. While all that’s going on, we need to guide, manage, and support the people on our team so that they can always be growing. For first-time TLs, this can be an intimidatingly wide spectrum of responsibility. I know it was for me.


Every Second Counts: 5 Tips to Make the Most Of Your Internship This Summer

You just checked your inbox and there was good news waiting: you got the internship at your top choice company. The first order of business is to celebrate. You beat out other candidates for the spot and all your hard work has paid off. So go ahead, brush your shoulders off a little. Once the excitement sinks in, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get the most out of your summer in the ‘real world’.


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