What Does a Product Designer Do at HubSpot?

Product designers design how HubSpot works. We collaborate with our teams to produce an interactive experience that solves the needs of the customer and the business. Our role is more architect than interior decorator – meaning we spend more time thinking about how customers will use the product than making it visually attractive (although this is also important).


Leaving the Agency World: Advice for New Product Designers

Most designers don’t dream about working on one brand, one website, and one UI. They crave variety. That’s why I joined an agency right out of school and didn’t think twice about going into product design. Nobody really did; agencies were where all the cool kids were. Designers could breath life into so many different (and sometimes sad) corners of the internet at an agency. They could work on Nike one day and BMW the next. Exposed brick, thick-rimmed glasses, and a portfolio full of big brands: That was the dream.  


A Workshop on Designing Design

What do you get when you mix a 484-piece classic Lego set, approximately 100 gallons of caffeine, 2000 stickers, sharpies galore, and enough Post-its to wallpaper an entire house?

A HubSpot design workshop, of course.


A Product Designer's Playbook for Working with Engineers

I’m a product designer. I spend my days working with a handful of product managers, a troop of engineers, a pack of other designers, and occasionally a few other types of people (like user researchers and product experts.) One of the most crucial things I’ve had to get the hang of over the past (almost) year at HubSpot is how to communicate with all of these different people.


Growing Your Design Career: 4 Highlights from Tuesdays by Design

When Sean Duhame was asked last night how the role of designer has changed, he explained that designers today have more responsibility than they did ten years ago. “The world now understands that design is the linchpin for success,” he said. Not surprisingly, designers are constantly pushing themselves to get better at their craft and sometimes, that means stepping away from the screen to learn from design leaders. 


The Design Process That Helped Us Ship a New Product in 11 Weeks

Talk to any engineering team about their process and you’ll hear a common theme: speed. There’s an entire culture around shipping fast and deploying constantly. But getting an MVP out the door isn’t just about making sure it works. It also has to have a valuable user experience. That’s why it’s critical to have a design process that doesn’t just keep up with development, but helps designers stay one step ahead.


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