Update: How We're Building iOS Apps Today

Back in 2014, we wrote a post about how we were using CocoaPods to Modularize our iOS app. With our latest iOS app we released a few months ago, we went in a different direction - here's why.


Tech Talk at Night React Meetup (Video)

On Wednesday, October 12th we hosted a React Meetup here at HubSpot. We had a wonderful time with over 150 attendees, 200 delicious Mexican tortas, and lots of great content.

How to Set the Analytical Foundations for the Future of Your App

Do you know if people are using your product the way they say they do? Especially at scale, customer interviews and usability tests aren't enough to answer this question. You need to see  what happens in reality, which should be well reflected in your usage numbers. 

What Does a Product Designer Do at HubSpot?

Product designers design how HubSpot works. We collaborate with our teams to produce an interactive experience that solves the needs of the customer and the business. Our role is more architect than interior decorator – meaning we spend more time thinking about how customers will use the product than making it visually attractive (although this is also important).


The Fault in Our JARs: Why We Stopped Building Fat JARs

HubSpot’s backend services are almost all written in Java. We have over 1,000 microservices constantly being built and deployed. When it comes time to deploy and run one of our Java applications, its dependencies must be present on the classpath for it to work. Previously, we handled this by using the maven-shade-plugin to build a fat JAR. This takes the application and all of its dependencies and bundles them into one massive JAR. This JAR is immutable and has no external dependencies, which makes it easy to deploy and run. For years this is how we packaged all of our Java applications and it worked pretty well, but it had some serious drawbacks.


My Unconventional Path to Becoming a Software Developer

Lots of people want to become developers who, like me, didn't go to school for computer science. The good news is: It can be done. Some of the most talented engineers and familiar entrepreneurs behind successful tech companies taught themselves to code. But, that doesn't mean it's easy. I was working on the support team at HubSpot when I started learning how to build software in hopes of becoming an engineer and I quickly realized you can't just dabble in programming. You have to go all in.


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